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Enjoy a dose of refreshment with a wholesome and magnificently vibrant clean provided by no other than Kastïlla Satsuma. Simply use with water to eliminate your toughest stains and watch your to do list disappear in a flash. Our liquid castille soap has been formulated with the utmost care to bring you a soap you will be proud to use. Our Kastïlla soaps are environmentally-friendly, 100% natural and safe. Formulated with organic extra virgin olive oil to boost moisturizing properties, Kastïlla will leave you clean and feeling silky smooth.

Warning: Due to the alkaline nature of soap, best to avoid contact with eyes.
Test on small area when cleaning a new surface or material to ensure compatibility.

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Aqua (water), Potassium cocoate* (saponified coconut oil), Potassium olivate* (saponified organic olive oil), Natural aroma

How does it work

To Wash: for body, face, hair and even teeth (but yes, it will taste like soap!), use a few drops directly on a moistened cloth or directly in your wet hands.
To Clean: bath, floors, countertops, kitchen, vehicles, etc, mix 1 part soap in 3 parts water and spray, mop or sponge away!
Maïkan Nature castille soaps are always 100% palm oil free and provide a deeply effective and 100% natural clean.