Kastïlla Soap – Unscented



Your everyday cleaning needs can be effortless again, all the while knowing you’re benefitting your pack and the environment. Our liquid castille soap has been formulated with the utmost care to bring you a soap you will be proud to use. Our Kastïlla soaps are environmentally-friendly, 100% natural and safe. Formulated with organic extra virgin olive oil to boost moisturizing properties, Kastïlla will leave you clean and feeling silky smooth.

Warning: Due to the alkaline nature of soap, best to avoid contact with eyes.
Test on small area when cleaning a new surface or material to ensure compatibility.

Pro tip:
Our unscented version can also be used at a 1:100 dilution as a plant spray for bugs. Use alone or add a little dried hot pepper for extra power!
Great for washing your furry pets too.

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Aqua (water), Potassium cocoate* (saponified coconut oil), Potassium olivate* (saponified organic olive oil)

How does it work

To Wash: for body, face, hair and even teeth (but yes, it will taste like soap!), use a few drops directly on a moistened cloth or directly in your wet hands.
To Clean: bath, floors, countertops, kitchen, vehicles, etc, mix 1 part soap in 3 parts water and spray, mop or sponge away!
Maïkan Nature castille soaps are always 100% palm oil free and provide a deeply effective and 100% natural clean.